frequently asked Questions

The smartwatch strap is adjustable between values ​​of 160 mm to 220 mm.
The connected watch measures heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. However, it is not compatible with other cardiac devices.
In the "Health" application on your iPhone, you must make sure to authorize "ICE ONE" as a "data source". Normally, synchronization can then be done. If this is not the case, do not hesitate to turn off then restart your App as well as your watch.
We do not know the stocks of our resellers... However, we invite you to consult the brand's reseller points of sale on our website and to call them to find out availability before traveling!
Unfortunately, it is not possible to retrieve your track/route information because the watch is not equipped with a GPS chip. The distance covered is based on the step length saved in your profile in the app. This can be changed depending on the size of your steps so that the distance traveled is as realistic as possible.
The announced statistics are relatively correct. It is still important to know that on all connected watches, the step calculation is based on the movements of your wrists. Based on your wrist movements, the watch estimates your activity level in the form of steps. The connected watch counts steps using a “3-axis G-sensor” which calculates them using the oscillation of your wrist, the angle of oscillation being 45°. Maybe try it once or twice by “exaggerating” your movements to see if a difference is visible.
You can find the certificate of conformity for our ICE smart one watches here .

You can find the certificate of conformity for our ICE smart junior watches here .
The ICE smart junior connected watch has multiple features. Overall, it looks a lot like the ICE smart one smartwatch but does not offer bluetooth calling functionality. If the watch is connected to a smartphone, the user will be able to receive SMS and notifications without any problem. If the watch is not connected to a phone, it will still be possible to take advantage of the sports and health features of the watch, access games, etc.
It is entirely possible to receive or make calls from the watch. You will also be able to check your SMS and receive your notifications. However, it is not possible to respond to text messages via the watch directly.
It is necessary to turn off media-related sound in your phone's Bluetooth settings. When you go to your settings, then “Bluetooth”, you are offered two categories (calls and media). You must therefore deactivate the "media" sound part.
On iPhone devices, the procedure is different. To date, we have only found a temporary solution on music applications. For example, if you use "Spotify" or another music app, you can also go to the (music) app, click on "ICE CALL" (the music playback device), then click on "Airplay " or "Bluetooth" and finally on "iPhone". Surprisingly, by carrying out this manipulation the sound of the applications is also muted and only calls come out of the watch. This is a temporary solution that we invite you to implement while waiting for the future update of our system.
Have you checked that SMS reception is activated on the "ICE ONE" application (notifications tab)? If this still does not work, then you must directly modify the settings of your smartphone to authorize it to send message notifications to your watch.
In order to receive your SMS on your connected watch, it is advisable to go to Settings > Messages > Notifications > Show previews. In "Show Previews" you will have three options to choose from. It is best to choose “Always” or “If unlocked (default)”. This way you can then receive message notifications on your connected watch.
It is possible to have your bracelet changed directly in store, at your jeweler/watchmaker. The bracelets are also available on our website , individually, in the following colors: black, blue, pink and white.
Yes, it is entirely possible to personalize the wallpaper of your connected watch with images already offered or even the photo of your choice that you can directly insert via the photo gallery of your smartphone.
The list proposed in the connected watch application brings together around a hundred different sports ranging from so-called "basic" sports (running, cycling, rugby, bodybuilding, tennis, gymnastics, badminton, football, basketball, rugby, combat sports …) to more “rare” sports (surfing, frisbee, golf, rowing, skiing, fitness, yoga, pilates, horse riding, archery, fishing, etc.).
The smartwatch is IP 68 certified. IP tests indicate how dust and waterproof a device is. IP certification works with 2 digits. The first number indicates the dust resistance and the second the waterproofness of the product. Additionally, it is important to clarify that testing under the IP standard for "liquids" is only performed for clear water. This means that immersion in another liquid (chlorine, alcohol, coffee, salt water, soda, etc.) is not included in the tests. Therefore, swimming in a swimming pool with the device is not recommended, due to the presence of chlorine and other chemicals (this use should even be avoided). When a watch is IP 68 certified, this is equivalent to 5ATM certification for optimal product protection (waterproof, it can go underwater and resist splashes, rain, showers, etc.). The connected watch has a liquid protection rating of 8 (IP 68), which means that it is waterproof and can be worn in the shower or during a "calm" immersion in water. clear water (without excess pressure, waterproofing at a depth of more than 1m for 1 hour).
The dial of the connected watch measures 38 mm in width (40 mm with the push button).
The ICE smart one connected watch is compatible with all devices equipped with iOS 9.0+ and Android 5.0+.
The children's connected watch is compatible with all devices equipped with iOS 12.0+ and Android 7.0+.
The ICE smart one connected watch has multiple functionalities: bluetooth calls, reception of SMS and notifications, sports, health (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.), music and camera management, phone geolocation, alarm, games…