ICE pearl

ICE pearl


ICE pearl

You will love those shimmering pearly dials!

ICE pearl : a real pearl among watches!


This winter, the dials in the new ICE pearl watch collection showcase the timeless elegance of shimmering mother-of-pearl. These unique, sophisticated silicone timepieces, made with genuine mother-of-pearl, are feminine, bright and exquisite.


The ICE pearl collection is available in 3 sizes and 10 models, bringing a sense of style and finesse to your wrist. These delicate opalescent gems work just as well with a chic blazer as a cosy knitted cardigan, for a classier or more relaxed look. Treat yourself to a pearl of a watch, without breaking the bank!

Shimmering pearly dials
Snuggle into a comfy jumper or dress to impress – but most importantly, don’t forget to top off your look with an ICE pearl watch! The shimmering dial and natural lustre will brighten up your day with a dash of chic sophistication. The ICE pearl watch has a mysterious, mesmerising charm. Available in grey, midnight blue, white or pink, it will soon become your must-have accessory of choice. Are you looking for a slender watch that adorns your wrist like a piece of delicate jewellery? Then opt for the discreet charms of the XS model. You will love those shimmering pearly dials!

ICE pearl ICE pearl


ICE pearl - Grey
ICE pearl - Grey

ICE pearl - Grey

99,00 €

This delicate, mysterious, anthracite grey watch in flexible silicone with a shimmering pearly violet dial is perfect for even the slenderest of wrists. Its deep colour and dazzling lustre add a touch of class to every outfit. A real pearl among watches!


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