ICE collections

ICE collections

ICE colour
Enter the vibrant universe of the ICE colour watch collection and add a touch of joy to your daily routine! Bright, vivid, unashamedly shimmering, this unisex silicone collection is stylish, fun and right on trend. Blue, yellow, pink, green, orange... there is an ICE colour watch to brighten up every outfit!
ICE pearl
Snuggle into a comfy jumper or dress to impress – but most importantly, don’t forget to top off your look with an ICE pearl watch! The shimmering dial and natural lustre will brighten up your day with a dash of chic sophistication. The ICE pearl watch has a mysterious, mesmerising charm. Available in grey, midnight blue, white or pink, it will soon become your must-have accessory of choice. Are you looking for a slender watch that adorns your wrist like a piece of delicate jewellery? Then opt for the discreet charms of the XS model. You will love those shimmering pearly dials!

ICE pearl collection

ICE sunset
Fancy a holiday, with a summery watch around your wrist? Discover the Sunset collection! It will dress up each and every hour of the day with a sunset-inspired bold colour gradient. Fresh, smooth, intense, muy caliente, … the choice is yours! Morning to evening, in the city and on holiday, for a meeting in a cocktail bar or a beach party; the sunset watches bring stylishness and seasonal chic to all your summer looks.
ICE flower
Succumb to the natural beauty of ICE flower watches! Soft and feminine, these watches inspired by nature come in a wide variety of floral and nuanced patterns. In the ICE flower collection, all the flowers are in chorus: the magic of the floating water lilies flirts with the freshness of the flowers of the fields, the color of the tropical plants rubs the fineness of the poppies. Thanks to their bracelet as soft as a caress and the charm of their dial, these watches offer you a true escape out of time.

ICE flower collection

ICE glam colour
Why not spice up your outfit with a lively colour? The ICE glam colour collection is here for you. A perfect watch if you dare to be colourful, bold and modern. It's a timeless stylish chameleon you can wear for any occasion - casual or exciting outings alike. Tangy, lively, soft, discreet or sensuous: there's one for every taste!
ICE glam pastel
If you love soft, voluptuous, pastel colours, then this collection is made for you! The ICE glam pastel watches are the ideal way to add colour in a subtle and delicate way. With their pastel notes from pink to blue to grey, they’re easy to combine with your everyday outfits. These watches are a real treat!

Collection ICE glam pastel

ICE glam pastel

Pink lady - Numbers (XS)

ICE fantasia
Immerse yourself in the fairytale universe of the pastel ICE fantasia range. Created specially for little princesses that love soft tones and a sprinkling of glitter, these sugar-candy watches are simply magical. With gold details and handwritten numbers, the ICE fantasia range is both cute and childlike – a rainbow burst of glitter and charm!
ICE glam
Succumb to the minimalist charm of the ICE glam watches! These chic, subtle, elegant and feminine monochrome watches with their gold details, with or without numbers, will become your essential everyday accessory. They’re easy to match and wear on any occasion, giving you a classy and glamorous look at any time of the day! Thanks to their flexible silicone wrist straps, ICE glam watches leave you free to move comfortably and flexibly.

ICE glam collection

ICE glam

White Rose-Gold (M)

ICE glam

Black Rose-Gold (M)

ICE glam

White Rose-Gold (S)

ICE glam

Black Rose-Gold (S)

ICE glam

White Gold - Numbers (S)

ICE glam

Black Rose-Gold - Numbers (S)

ICE glitter
Bright, on trend and festive; glitter is a necessity as the year draws to a close. A must-have for party outfits, accessories or even both! Ready to shine? Treat yourself to the dazzling ICE glitter collection. A selection of watches with soft and silky coloured straps, decorated with a glitter and metallic dial. It's time to brighten up the darker days with a glittery twist!

ICE glitter collection

ICE cosmos
Glitter and all things sparkly lovers, this collection was made for you! Both festive and subtly glitzy, the dials of the ICE cosmos collection will captivate you! Adorned with crystals, ICE cosmos watches complete your outfits with a chic and luxurious glow. Class and elegant, they are the perfect watches for evening wear but also add the perfect touch of glam to daytime looks. Available in a variety of colours ranging from the lightest to the darkest, the collection of ICE cosmos watches offer you a galaxy of possibilities!

ICE cosmos collection

ICE cosmos

Star Deep blue (S)


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