ICE glam colour

ICE glam colour

Stylishness comes in 7 colors

ICE glam colour

Trendy, feminine and sophisticated!

Dare to be colourful!

Why not spice up your outfit with a lively colour? The ICE glam colour collection is here for you. A perfect watch if you dare to be colourful, bold and modern.

It's a timeless stylish chameleon you can wear for any occasion - casual or exciting outings alike. Tangy, lively, soft, discreet or sensuous: there's one for every taste!

Opt for the ICE glam colour red!
Want to add a touch of colourful glamour to your wrist? Available in a powerful, sensual, electrifying red, this new version of the ICE glam colour is the perfect sexy watch. This passionate red, both lively and cool, goes just as well with simple casual clothes as it does with an elegant evening outfit. Chic and feminine: you’ll love the radiant charm of its gold details!

Ice-Watch X ICE glam colour red

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