Please be aware that many copies of our watches are being sold on auction and sales sites.

The copies are of poor quality and have many manufacturing defects. We can't guarantee these products under any circumstances.

We are doing everything in our power to eradicate this counterfeiting.

Many actions are currently underway to identify the counterfeiters, carry out seizures and destroy the counterfeit products.

We have also set up a team dedicated to fighting counterfeiting. It works closely with the police, customs and administrative and judicial authorities.

We just signed a partnership with the « International Corporate Research Ltd » to fight against counterfeiting in Asia.

Please contact our team if you have been a victim of counterfeiting or have information about it (see the form below).

How to identify an original

All new watches are sold with the following characteristics:


The price of all new watches ranges from €60 to €200. The points of sale are listed on our Internet site: www.ice-watch.com


All new watches are sold in a BECUBIC box of the same color as the watch, with the logo engraved on two sides. The BECUBIC box is itself packaged in a black cardboard box. Both boxes have a label with a barcode, a picture of the watch and its reference number.


Each box contains a guarantee booklet stamped by the certified reseller and an instruction manual.


All new watches are always sold with a label with the barcode (front/back).

Websites selling counterfeit

  • montrefrance.eu
  • femme-soldes.com/soldes/montre-ice-watch.html
  • soldes-ice.com
  • soldesicewatch2016.com
  • Ice-soldes-2016.com
  • icewatchsoldes.com
  • soldesicewatchfr.com
  • ice-soldes2016.net
  • soldes-ice.net
  • ice-watch-2016.com
  • ice-watch-pas-cher.com
  • boutiqueicewatch.com
  • ice-watch-montres.com
  • solde-ice-watch.com
  • eboutique-icewatch.com
  • icewatchmontre.com
  • soldes-icewatch.com
  • soldesice.com
  • fr-icewatchsoldes.com
  • boutiques-icewatch.com
  • boutiques-icewatch.com
  • boutiques-icewatch.com
  • boutiques-icewatch.com
  • boutiques-icewatch.com

Contact our team

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