What does the waterproofness of my connected watch mean?

The smartwatch is IP 68 certified. IP tests indicate how dust and waterproof a device is. IP certification works with 2 digits. The first number indicates the dust resistance and the second the waterproofness of the product. Additionally, it is important to clarify that testing under the IP standard for "liquids" is only performed for clear water. This means that immersion in another liquid (chlorine, alcohol, coffee, salt water, soda, etc.) is not included in the tests. Therefore, swimming in a swimming pool with the device is not recommended, due to the presence of chlorine and other chemicals (this use should even be avoided). When a watch is IP 68 certified, this is equivalent to 5ATM certification for optimal product protection (waterproof, it can go underwater and resist splashes, rain, showers, etc.). The connected watch has a liquid protection rating of 8 (IP 68), which means that it is waterproof and can be worn in the shower or during a "calm" immersion in water. clear water (without excess pressure, waterproofing at a depth of more than 1m for 1 hour).